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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

You are looking for a list of credit cards with balance transfer offer. Within the search results, you can choose to look at regular cards, cards with airline miles, hotel rewards and cash rebate cards. Balance transfer credit cards are ideal when your credit card issuer hikes your interest rate with a 45 day notice. Balance transfer is also ideal when you have a large outstanding debt and you are looking to rebuild credit scores. Besides, balance transfer offers usually come with floating APR, with an introductory low, or sometimes 0% APR, allowing you to save on interest for a few months.

Intro APR
Annual Fee
  • 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 21 months.
  • No Annual Fee. No Balance Transfer Fee.
  • Great Rewards Programs.
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0% (21 months)
Minimum Credit Level Needed:
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Saving Your Credit and Money With Balance Transfers

Balance transfer credit cards come with special offers for those who are looking to change their credit card for reasonable benefits. Balance transfer offers could often be confusing, which is why one must study the fine print in particular to decide if the balance transfer would bring significant financial benefits.

0% balance transfer

This is the most popular balance transfer offer. The card holder is freed up of interest on the debt during the introductory period. Sometimes, the APR could be 2 - 4% instead of being waived off entirely. The introductory period could be anywhere between 3 months to 21 months or even more, based on the credit rating of the individual. 0% APR offers multiple benefits to card holders.

Card holders need not worry about the interest on their debt and consider it as an interest free loan for the specific introductory period. Card holders can also make major purchases of higher amounts without worrying about paying interest on the expenses for a decent period of time. Card holders can also use this as an opportunity to invest in their businesses when it requires a sudden cash injection.

Things to be careful of

Not all balance transfer offers work in such a simple fashion. Balance transfer fine print often mandates that the card holders make their minimum payments on time before the due date. Similarly, there are two types of 0% APR cards and the customer should be well aware of both. In the first type, the 0% is applicable only for the balance transferred initially, but not on purchases made using the card. In the second type of card, the 0% is applicable on both balances and purchases, making it easier for the card holders. As per new credit reforms, minimum payments made by card holders, will always be first used to erase out debt that incurs interest as opposed to debt which doesn't accrue any interest.

Balance transfers with added benefits

There are many balance transfer credit cards, which offer added benefits. These include waiving of annual fee, waiving of late fees for missed payments and cash back amounts in the tune of $100 or more for expenses of more than $500 in the first 3 months. Balance transfer offers are also combined with other rewards like 1% cash back on select purchases, cash advances and 5% on select categories like travel, hotel stay and restaurants.

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